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Meet Life Coach Tammy

Tammy Hotsenpiller is the founder and President of Total Life Coach, and is a graduate of Coach University. Tammy works with several Fortune 500 companies as well as personal one-on-one clients.

As a Personal Life Coach and Business Coach, Tammy has had the privilege of seeing hundreds of individuals find life-balance and purpose through TLC. Life is a journey, a pilgrimage, an evolution, and with the right coach, advice and direction you can discover your personal life path.

Tammy has a passion to challenge individuals beyond what they may be willing to do on their own. Through tools, tips, and resources, Tammy will equip her clients and listeners to become the person they were destined to be.

Tammy has been seen on Fox & Friends, Fox News with Lauren Green, the Frank Pastore Show, and contributed to Brooke Burke's "Modern Mom."

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Praise for Total Life Coach

Karly Wood

I began meeting with Tammy to help direct me towards the next step in my career, but I discovered more about myself than I thought possible. She has been patient, encouraging, and insightful as she has walked beside me on this journey to discovering my passions and talents. She challenged and cheered me through difficult times of introspection, and applauded my strengths. I consider the time we have spent together as invaluable, and I can’t wait to start putting my long-lost passions to good use!

Karly Wood
Finance Manager


Life Balance at a Glance

Do you reach the end of the month and wonder, where did the time go? Why did I not get more accomplished?

If that is your experience, you need to discover: Life-Balance at a Glance. This monthly assessment will allow you to list the things currently on your calendar, while allowing you to be intentional about the things you want to do. If you find yourself out of balance, in one or more areas, you simply redirect your course and plan to live a more balanced life. Remember a balanced life is a better life.


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