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Running towards the Finish Line

Happy New Year!  It’s that time again; time to make resolutions.  Or maybe we like to call it goal-setting, not “making resolutions.” Whatever we call it, a lot of us like to start the year with an idea of what we’d like to achieve before Christmas.  I generally don’t like to share my goals (or resolutions) because it doesn’t take long for me to abandon them.  I’ve come to realize that a big factor in this scenario is that I set my goals too big and try to do too many things. Then when I get overwhelmed, it’s easier to give them all up and stay with the status quo.

Take running, for instance.  In the past couple of years, my goal was to finish a half-marathon in less than three hours.  In November of 2010 I accomplished this in the Long Beach Half but I almost died in the process (well, not really but it felt like it) and I wasn’t able to repeat it later.  This year I’m scaling back and breaking my running goals into smaller chunks.  I know I need to work on being able to run continuously at a steady pace without having to take walking breaks.  So instead of focusing on my half-marathon times, I’m focusing on being able to run a 5K without taking a rest break.

I’ve found a good training plan that I can stick to and I’ve been writing it into my schedule.  In the past I’ve pushed a lot to try to achieve that big goal, but I’ve been having some issues with plantar fasciitis, where the tissue in the bottom of my heel gets inflamed.  Moving my distance goal down takes a lot of the pressure off to train extra hard and should give my feet a chance to adjust to regular running in a way that they couldn’t before.  So I’ve dialed back my running to walking for the month of January.  This week I’ll do three walks from 2 to 4 miles, plus one cross-training workout and one strength-training workout.

Now, admittedly, going slowly might mean that it’ll take me all year to accomplish my 5K goals but that’s fine.  The nice thing about a smaller goal is that, if it’s achieved early, there’s time to move onto a large goal like running a 10K and makes it more likely that I’ll be able to achieve next year’s goals as well.  And I’m less likely to injure myself than I was in the past and I’ll end up being a better runner and healthier person for it.

This isn’t my only goal for 2012 but it’s the one I’m starting with.  I’ll be looking to add a couple more things in the next couple of months and I’ll be checking back with you all to let you know my progress.  Whatever you’ve chosen to accomplish this year, I invite you to track your progress along with me and if the goals get too overwhelming, don’t give up, try scaling them back.  If you can achieve even a piece of your objectives, you’re on your way to positive change.


Author: Kristina Eberly

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