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TLC Radio Interview with George Haines

George was born in Havre De Grace, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay and was raised on a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania among the Amish.

After graduating from Penn State University, George received two master’s degrees from Princeton. He was granted his Ph.D. degree from New York University and two post doctorates from UCLA. His JD in law is from Western State University College of Law.

George is married to Lisa and has one daughter, two sons and two granddaughters. George and LIsa live in Yorba Linda, California.

George is the President of Haines Financial Consultants, Inc. and Worldwide Financial Consultants, Inc., realtors for commercial and residential properties. For over 35 years, he has lectured in real property law, appraisal, taxation, finance and economics. He is also the president of Hill of Hope a non-profit organization that “seeks to mobilize individuals with resources… in making a positive difference in our world.”


If you have been listen to our show for very long you know it is my desire to bring you stories and topics that will encourage you in your personal journey of life. Stories are a power tool to challenge, motivate and inspire us to new heights. And today my guest will do just that.

Dr. George Haines has been a pastor, peacemaker, petitioner and protester. And his story will captivate your heart.

Earning degrees from Western State, New York University, UCLA, Princeton, and Penn State, this man lives out his education in the lives of countless individuals.

Our scripture for today is Psalm 144:7:

“Reach down your hand from on high; deliver me and rescue me from the mighty waters, from the hands of foreigners.”

Tammy’s one-minute tip

 Are You Fat?

1) Faithful:  to your spouse, family and commitments. We must learn to follow through with the things we have said we will do.

2) Available: when God shows you a need. Be ready and will to meet the needs around you.  We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it.

3) Teachable: never stop learning. I tell my clients, when we stop learning, we die.


Ask yourself, “Am I really teachable?”

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: all the good advice in the world won’t help if you don’t have a teachable spirit. To know whether you are really open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I open to other people’s ideas?

Do I listen more than I talk?

Am I open to changing my opinion based on new information?

Do I readily admit when I am wrong?

Do I observe before acting on a situation?

Do I ask questions?

Am I willing to ask a question that will expose my ignorance?

Am I open to doing things in a way I haven’t done before?

Am I willing to ask for directions?

Do I act defensive when criticized, or do I listen openly for truth?

John Maxwell

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One Response to TLC Radio Interview with George Haines

  1. Phil Kruk Reply

    June 2, 2014 at 10:07 am

    Wonderful man. A Godsend. I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion. It hit my heart.
    Phil Kruk

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