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Sometimes we find things when we aren’t looking, but most of the time we have to make an effort.  We need driving directions to get to new places, and instructions on how to navigate certain websites. Sometimes, we can try with all our might and still not find what we’re looking for. Especially those two missing baby socks that I swear have been eaten by my dryer.

Like most people this time of year (and by “this time” I mean January), I’ve taken time to reflect on how I want to change and improve my life. My spiritual life is no exception. I’ve been a believer for over 25 years, but I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered maintaining my relationship with God. I confess, that I often try to fit God into my life, rather than fit my life around God. In the constant drone and hubbub of my super important life (insert sarcasm),  I’ve forgotten how to seek God and not just expect him to come to me when I need him.

This morning I was reading in Jeremiah 29. Most people jump right to verse 11, “I know the plans I have for you…” You know the verse. But I hadn’t seen the gem of a verse just beyond in quite some time:


“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find Me.” (verse 13)

How can one small verse say so much to me?! My meager prayers thrown up to Heaven are always heard, but God demands an outpouring from me too- from the depths of my soul. He doesn’t want part of my heart, he wants the WHOLE THING. I can’t just as God to reveal himself to me, and to bring me close to him with only a fraction of my heart.  I can’t just ask and then go on and expect things to be different when I’M not different, when my heart is not open and seeking. Then he says the most amazing thing:

“I will be found by you.”

There are no “ifs.” At least not after the searching part. We will find our God, because he WANTS us to find him. He is not elusive or camouflaged. He is bright as the morning, as warm as an embrace. And He is waiting to be found.


Author: Karly Wood

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