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Hide & Seek

Sometimes we find things when we aren’t looking, but most of the time we have to make an effort.  We need driving directions to get to new places, and instructions on how to navigate certain websites. Sometimes, we can try with all our might and still not find what we’re looking for. Especially those two […]

Kenzie Speaks: Standing Through The Pain

With a blow to my life this past year I discovered my strength. And boy has God given me strength. So I’m grateful for the events that have occurred this year and for the people who threw daggers because they have shone light and birthed this monster of immense commanding vigor. Continue reading at

The Plans I have for You

Wow, Total Life Coach- long time no see! Since we last spoke, we’ve gone through mighty a change over here, especially myself. As a frequent author of this blog (when it’s active, I should say), I thought it prudent to let you all know I am now a mother! Suffice it to say, more posts […]

Happy as a Bird with a French Fry

I have a really hard time being content. There, I said it. Being content is hard and humble and I struggle with it every day. What’s being content, anyway? I live in Southern California, we have everything we want and can buy anything we don’t already have. I have a running wish list on Amazon […]

TLC Remembers John Berry

John Berry was the last victim in a string of  homeless murders in Orange County, California. He passed away on Friday, January 13, 2012.

A New Assignment

At the start of each New Year I listen for encouragement, direction, and my specific assignment for the year. In the first few days of this New Year I got clear direction and even the theme for the New Year. The assignment and theme I received for 2012 is the theme of: child’s play! I […]

Running towards the Finish Line

Happy New Year!  It’s that time again; time to make resolutions.  Or maybe we like to call it goal-setting, not “making resolutions.” Whatever we call it, a lot of us like to start the year with an idea of what we’d like to achieve before Christmas.  I generally don’t like to share my goals (or […]

One on One Coaching with Life Coach Tammy

Living in 3D

Are you living in 3D?

The Art of Goal-Setting

The New Year is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing for most of us: New Year’s Resolutions. The phrase conjures up all sorts of responses: dread, mockery, obligation, and probably some good intentions that won’t last much longer than January 15th. You’ve seen the result of your neighbors and friends as they […]

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