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TLC Recording at the South Coast Winery

Podcast: Play in new window | Download On March 8th, Tammy and Total Life Coach hosted a powerful workshop covering a variety of topics, including personal enhancement and wellness at Temecula’s beautiful South Coast Winery. Listen to the recording of this amazing workshop to hear Tammy, former Ms. Galaxy Cynthia Teran and Brandon Joffe discuss […]

Total Life Fitness Fair 2012

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I’m Life Coach Tammy. We are so excited to be broadcasting LIVE from our 2nd annual Total Life Fitness Fair. We have brought together fitness classes, nutritionist, doctor’s, dance, and more to provide you with information to become your personal best. Enjoy just a few of the many […]

Running towards the Finish Line

Happy New Year!  It’s that time again; time to make resolutions.  Or maybe we like to call it goal-setting, not “making resolutions.” Whatever we call it, a lot of us like to start the year with an idea of what we’d like to achieve before Christmas.  I generally don’t like to share my goals (or […]

Quieting the Soul

Quieting your mind, will and emotions.

TLC Radio Interview with Cynthia Hill-Teran

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Today we are going to discuss something I am very passionate about and feel most Americans either avoid or abuse. Fitness. Today my guest is Cynthia Hill Teran, owner and founder of Yorba Linda Fitness Success. After a successful career as a Fitness Competitor this former Miss Galaxy, […]

An Anxious Heart

For its December 5, 2011 issue, Time Magazine’s cover boasted the bold statement: “Why Anxiety is Good for You.” Of course, there was a small asterisk attached. It further explained “As long as you know how to use it.” Being a worrywart myself, I had to get my hands on this article.  If you’re like […]

What TO Wear

I love to watch the TLC show What Not to Wear.  If you’ve never seen it, friends and family nominate someone to go to New York for a week and get a complete makeover- clothes (a $5,000 Visa gift card included!), hair, and makeup.  On the face of it, the premise is just to make […]

got books?

Pen. Paper. Books. Newspapers. Magazines. They all sound like things of the past with our culture today. Computers. Email. Kindles. E-zines. Television. That sounds better, right? Or at least more familiar.  With so many bright and shiny things to choose from, it’s no wonder we are bringing about a more fast-paced, technology-driven generation than ever […]


Meditation.  The word conjures up images of a yogi on a mountaintop, his legs crossed and his eyes closed, serenely letting the world go by without him.  However, meditation is a practice frequently mentioned in the Bible as a way to draw closer to God.   In Joshua 1:8, God commands, “Do not let this Book […]