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The Art of Goal-Setting

The New Year is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing for most of us: New Year’s Resolutions. The phrase conjures up all sorts of responses: dread, mockery, obligation, and probably some good intentions that won’t last much longer than January 15th. You’ve seen the result of your neighbors and friends as they […]

An Anxious Heart

For its December 5, 2011 issue, Time Magazine’s cover boasted the bold statement: “Why Anxiety is Good for You.” Of course, there was a small asterisk attached. It further explained “As long as you know how to use it.” Being a worrywart myself, I had to get my hands on this article.  If you’re like […]

Think About Such Things

The dictionary defines the verb complain as expressing feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment. As humans we find ourselves complaining about any number of things: our friends, our spouses, our kids, our siblings, our parents, our co-workers, ourselves.  We can’t change other people, although we’d like to think so and would definitely like to try. […]