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“I feel fortunate to know Tammy Hotsenpiller in many capacities – as a friend, mentor, and writing partner.  I have cried on Tammy’s shoulder, traveled the world with her, and enjoyed laughing over dinner with her.  Throughout my relationship with Tammy I have been encouraged and uplifted by her; I have benefitted from her wisdom; and been delighted by her perspective and insight.  She has contributed greatly to my personal and professional life, I consider it an honor to know her and call her my friend. “

Ashley Williams
Supervising Producer, NBC’s Love in the Wild

“I’ve known Tammy since childhood and I can tell you, she demonstrated leadership qualities, a strong sense of self and spirituality even back then.  I am now working with Tammy on a professional and personal level and I can tell you she has taken her gifts and multiplied them a thousand-fold. Tammy has an incredible gift of focusing on others’ callings and talents; offering encouragement and direction.

While going through her Living In 3D series, I learned more about my strengths and gifts as well as identifying the stumbling blocks that hindered my relationships in life, love, and career.  Her program is extremely unique, detailed, specific, and tailored to all personality types and socio-economic backgrounds.  I would strongly encourage anyone who wishes to grow, succeed, proliferate their gifts, understand their past and how it has shaped them, and move forward in a positive, exciting way.”

 Renee England
Marketing Professional, Website Designer

“Tammy has a gift for seeing the gifts in others.  She has encouraged me to see beyond my own limitations and to follow my dreams.”

 Virginia Morse
International Model

“In a very short time, Tammy made an incredible impact on my personal situation and quickly helped me to see and assess my own abilities.  Tammy is real, she gives concrete biblical advice without judgment or condemnation.  She’s honest, open and direct, and she cares!  Thanks Tammy, for who you are and how you utilize your gifts!”

Tricia Esser

“I began meeting with Tammy to help direct me towards the next step in my career, but I discovered more about myself than I thought possible. She has been patient, encouraging, and insightful as she has walked beside me on this journey to discovering my passions and talents. She challenged and cheered me through difficult times of introspection, and applauded my strengths. I consider the time we have spent together as invaluable, and I can’t wait to start putting my long-lost passions to good use!”

Karly Wood
Finance Manager

“As a human resources professional I know all too well about the challenges and opportunities that life can bring a person and how these challenges can impact one’s health, state of mind, work performance as well as relationships.  Therefore how a person handles life’s challenges and opportunities becomes critical.  Trying to remain in control and convince yourself that you don’t need help, that you can do it yourself can often lead to more difficulties, stress or even depression.   Having the courage to ask for help is hard enough but where do you go for candid, non judgmental, professional support and encouragement?  I’ve found my answer in Tammy Hotsenpiller.  In her down to earth, caring and comforting ways she will calm you, reassure you, encourage you and support you through anything that life has thrown your way.   When you are talking with Tammy you feel special, like your issue matters, and your well being is important to her.  After  a session with Tammy you feel like you can take on the world because you know she’s got your back.”

 Monica D. Van Berkel
Chief Administrative Officer, EMCORE Corporation

“Tammy has given me confidence that I could overcome my fear of self-expression.  She has challenged me to reach for the stars and unlock my hidden dreams of long desired goals.  Based on Tammy’s belief in me, I have experimented with and accomplished many of my goals.  As a result of Tammy’s encouragement, I have hope that I will continue to develop and become the woman God means for me to be, trusting Him to realize the talents He has given me and dedicating them to His service.  Looking to Him and grateful to His talented Life Coach Tammy Hotsenpiller, I am on my way!”

 Lisa Haines
Vice President, Worldwide Financial Consultants, Inc.

“My first experience with Tammy Hotsenpillar was listening to her teach/speak to women’s groups at our church. Each time I attended something Tammy was leading I was electrified by her personality and what she had to say. After several times of hearing her speak I had the opportunity to meet Tammy and have some one-on-one meetings with her. I felt an instant connection, as we share the same values, love our families, and both have a connection to fitness. I am a business owner, personal trainer and Yoga studio owner. Tammy and I share a passion for helping people live happier and healthier lives. Tammy has had such a positive impact in my life. Each time you hear her speak or have a personal conversation with her you know she is real. She is willing to share personal stories, her weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and always finds a way to connect with you. When I’ve spoken to my friends about Tammy my description of her is that she is one of those extremely rare individuals that you not only say, I want to be like her, but I want to spend time with this woman and soak up some of her knowledge and positive energy. I feel blessed that I’ve been able to know and receive guidance and inspiration from Tammy. I highly recommend her for the TLC opportunity. She will blow you away!”

Personal Training &
Yoga by Kara

“Each time I talk with Tammy Hotsenpiller, I am empowered and encouraged.  Tammy is truly concerned about and knows the core issues that women face today. Through authentic personal examples and speaking life-giving scripture, Tammy is clearly a conduit for God’s grace and love into my life.  When she gives examples of God as saying “Good job, Baby Girl” and reminding me that He speaks to me in love tones, I remember once again that He is my loving and accepting heavenly father – and that brings me peace.

Tammy is disciplined and accomplished in so many areas of life, it is such a privilege to be able to learn from someone who is the real deal.  God bless you and your ministry, my mentor-sister-friend!”

Tricia Duffy
Event Coordinator, Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce

“Tammy Hotsenpiller’s infectious, positive personality is the best thing if you are facing a career slump or need to redefine your life.   Her practical, common sense, real-world observations and strategies are exactly what women need to help jump start their goals and start living their passions and dreams!”

Julienne Smith
Award winning journalist & best selling author, Food for Talk series

“Tammy Hotsenpiller is creative, passionate, energetic, and highly motivational.  Her workshops on work/life balance as well as on professional/personal development were truly inspiring and life changing!”

Christine Sakdalan
Executive Director, Marketing Innovation, Novartis Pharmaceuticals